Buyers Protection

Buyer Protection

If an eligible item that you’ve purchased online, doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match our description, we will look into it. If it's discovered that something is wrong, our Purchase Protection will reimburse you for the full purchase price of the item plus shipping costs.

For more information, see user agreement


Account Protection

You’re not liable for unauthorized purchases made from your account if you report an eligible incident within 60 days.


If an order doesn’t arrive or match the description, we’ll reimburse the full cost of eligible purchases and paid shipping costs.This is contingent that items are not damaged and or altered. All custom orders will be exchanged or redone if damaged, But no refunds on Custom orders.Jackets are considered custom.Order must be returned whitin 10 calender days to recieve a refund.If an item is shipped and lost in the mail. A claim must be filed with the shipper and e must be notified of the claim number.

Responsive Support

We're here to help. Get full support with suspicious activity, identity theft, or phishing. Report your suspicions to us directly.