WHEN WILL I GET MY ORDER? Given the new amount of orders and increase in business my shipping timeframe has now increased to 2-3 weeks this includes the manufacture, shipping, and receiving of the merchandise. It can take longer for any custom or specialty products depending on demand and season. If you need your item for a special event or specific date please email us and we will try to accommodate your request. PLEASE REMEMBER I work alone. I design, print and package each individual order by hand. I really value your business and support and I am currently working on building a team to provide better products and speedy service.

Why does it take so long?

Almost all of BluPrint Designs items are made to order. That means we start making it once you order it; we are not pulling the item off of a shelf and sending it to you unless its an item we have previously made and still have in stock. This helps us keep our offerings fresh and unique, and allows customers the flexibility to customize almost anything you order from us. Thank you for your patience and understanding that you are receiving a high-quality product made just for you